Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well it finally happen. I thought I had made it thru sick season without getting anything. Yesterday my throat started hurting when I was out on the playground so I just thought it was allergies but it continued to hurt throughout the day. When I got home I laid down and slept till 7:30 and when I got up I had 100 degree fever,great. I took two Tylenol and went to bed, at 2am I woke up and I couldn't swallow and I was freezing and I had 102 degree fever! More Tylenol and I just laid there, it was a long night. By the time I got the doctor this morning I didn't think I was going to make it. I still had a fever, my throat was killing me and my back hurt. The doctor does all kinds of mess and I have strep throat, virual mononucleous and a bladder infection! Are you kidding me! I got 3 shots all kinds of medicine and was sent home. I have been in bed all day and guess what I still can swallow! Well I am off to bed but I wanted to share with you about my super bad day!!!!

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I hope you're feeling better! I love your new background!

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