Thursday, July 16, 2009

Have you forgotten about me?? I cant even remember what my last post was about! I am sitting here at Two Rivers Ford getting an oil change and rotate and balance and I love the silence!! My phone is off, I turned the waiting room TV off and it is great!! Its been a crazy week and I am just tired today!

Sunday I make a last minute trip to Oak Ridge to take my Granny to her doctor appointment on Monday morning. I am excited to say my car made it and didnt break down, lets be honest my car is not reliable! Granny had an appointment with a surgeon about her back pain. We found out that she has bone spurs on the bottom of her spine and basically they have to come out! I hate the thought of my Granny going into surgery but I cant stand seeing her in pain anymore. I wanted to go to the appointment so that I could ask my MANY questions. Basically we learned its an overnight stay in the hospital, pain will be instantly gone, it will be about a 2 week recovery, there is no physical therapy but its still scary. I want her to be pain free so I know that this is what she needs to do! I will keep you updated on this and we would greatly appreciate a few prayers!

I started working part time this week for my dads company (PivotHealth)! Its been fun and the girl that I am working with is super nice ! I have just been doing some odds and ends office stuff but I like it, its definitely a change of pace from teaching. Its amazing how hard these people work and how passionate they are about this company! I love it and I am excited about working here and learning about the corporate world.

Well I am gonna wrap up...this is sort of a short post but I am just straight up exhausted.


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