Thursday, July 2, 2009


How about this, 2 post in 2 days!! I love nothing more than staying up late and having nothing to do the next day.

Tonight my brother, my dad and myself went to dinner at J.Alexanders downtown and it was yummy but I was full before we ever got our meal! Ryan loves the queso dip and I LOVE LOVE LOVE there side salads(I love them so much that I even had the box it up so I could bring it home) I also got salmon and rice. Tomorrow is Ryans birthday so I am sure we will be going out to dinner again!

I hate to bring this up because I am kinda tired of hearing about it but the Michael Jackson stuff is kind of getting old. I feel like his family is loving the attention and the kids mom is as well loving the attention. I feel bad for Michael Jackson because it seemed that everyone in his life were just using him. You never know what to believe in all the media coverage but everyone can see that Michael Jackson was a very troubled man. I bet the good ole' Governor of South Carolina is glad that some of the attention is takin off him. What a loser that guy is I mean lets give him some credit he loves his so called mistress soul mate but he is trying really hard to fall back in love with his wife, what a bozo!!!

The other night I made these cinnamon rolls and I am going to toot my own horn they are FABULOUS! Very rarely do I make something that I actually like but these things are so good! I had never worked with yeast before but I powered thru and they were worth it. You can check the recipe out here on The Pioneer Woman Blog If I knew how many it was going to make I would have halved the recipe but they were yummy and they are definitely worth and I will be making these again!! Yes they do take 9 cups of flour!!

Well kids I am signing off for then night! I have to finish making my magnets(I will post pictures when they are all done)! I am loving that I have a 3 day weekend!!!

Oh yeah I think I am going to take up tennis! Dont laugh I am serious! Steph do you have a racket????


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