Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Favorite Thing EVER....

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE shopping!! I love everything about it!! I love shopping for anything and everything, I even love shopping for other people! I love finding deals, finding cute clothes,finding fun crafting stuff, good cosmetics and cute home stuff. Basically I love it all! BUT the key ingredient in shopping is money! My Pap-Paw would always say that Target LOVED seeing me and my Granny coming because we would always buy stuff we didnt need! I have learned the hard way that if you dont have the money to spend DONT GO SHOPPING( yes this is a hard lesson to learn)!! I have also learned that if you DONT GO to the store than you wont be tempted to buy(again a hard lesson.
Well I say all this to say this weekend I AM GOING SHOPPING!!! YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be working part time in my dads office so I need to get a few professional pieces and shoes, I have a list of things to get that I just need to have around the house-by the way I am obsessed with coupons and I have a coupon for almost every item on the list!! I need to get a few cosmetics, I need to get my lotions(I have worn Victoria Secret lotion since I was old enough to go get it) and a computer sleeve, I have a computer bag but I want a computer sleeve to protect it-I mean lets face it I wouldn't last 20 minutes without my laptop I need to protect it!I know what you are thinking "Beth has won the lottery"! Nope here is my plan ...
  • I have been cleaning out my closets and garage and been selling things on Craigslist and that is the money I am using for my clothes shopping and I plan on going to the outlet mall to check out the sales there!
  • I have coupons for my household items and I will be going to Wal-Mart to buy those things
  • I have a gift card from Victoria Secret for the lotion and they sent me a $10 gift card for Birthday!
  • A little friend in my class gave me a Green Hills Mall Gift Certificate at the end of the school year and I plan on using it at the APPLE store to get my computer sleeve and I will money left on the the gift card to do a little more shopping at the mall!

That's my Plan and I am EXCITED about it!! Yay for shopping! Can you tell I am excited!!!!


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