Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wasting Time...

Happy Birthday baby Anniston!!! She was born this morning a little after midnight! Mom, Dad and Baby are all doing good this morning!! Keep them all in your prayers and thank God that everything went ok!!

Well yesterday was my first Saturday working at PivotHealth! Let me tell you I got a lot done! I don't know if I got so much done because there were not very many people there or because it was a gorgeous day outside and I wanted to get done!! I work again on Monday and I am hoping to get my project finished then!

I got home yesterday and got a few things done and I have this lamp in my dining room that I leave on 24/7 and let me tell you I am always fighting with this thing! I bet I change the bulb in that thing every other week! It drives me CRAZY!! Yesterday when I got home the light bulb had of course gone out so I went to change it and the new light bulb shattered as soon as I put it in! That was is I tossed that lamp in the dumpster on my way to buy a new one! What a mess it was to clean up, I thought I had it all cleaned up but on my way out this morning I saw some glass in the carpet!! I have new lamp and I am DONE fighting with that other one ( Can you tell this is something that drives me crazy)!!!!

Today is my official day of cleaning! I usually go to the grocery first thing because that is something that I hate and I just want to get that over with! I head home and try to get everything done so that I can have the rest of the day to be lazy BUT for some reason lately I just keep putting it off and then its Sunday night and nothing is done! Its amazing to me that in a weeks time how messy I let things get! Literally by Friday you cant even see my kitchen table because that is where I dump everything!! Just this morning I looked at it and laughed because you cant see the table or 2 of the chairs! Maybe next week I will take a picture of it and share with you my messiness(that's not a word I know...). I ALWAYS clean the bathroom every Sunday I can not stand a gross bathroom and I dust every week! I usually mop the floors every week too but I do that during the week. My neighbor thinks I am crazy but I wash all my throw rugs every Sunday too; am I the only person that does that? I figure they are dirty because they are always being stepped on. I also do all the laundry on Sunday and then ironing/steaming on Mondays. I don't know why I am writing all this out in a blog....Maybe just maybe I am procrastinating!!!

In all my blog reading I have come across some super cute baby stuff- some of it is so darn expensive so that is why I have my 2 crafty friends(Jenny and Jonie-they are twins) to make things for me!! This is their niece Natalee-she is the cutest thing! This girl will be on American Idol one day! She knows all about some country music, its so cute!!

Look at her in her fancy tutu! Miss Anniston will most certainly have to have one of these! I have already told Jenny and Jonie that I have to have one!!!
I have to brag on them a little bit more! Natalee just had her 2 year old birthday party and look how stinking cute her party was!! I am telling you these girls are crafty!!!

I also came across this website,look how cute these little t-shirts are! I love it... I am for seeing Anniston having one of these too...

This post is the definition of truly procrastinating so I am off to clean! Hopefully I will get a little time to visit my little Zoe...I miss her :(


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