Friday, July 24, 2009

Well its that time again for My Favorite Things!!!

I of course use to be obsessed with buying books! I loved it but one day I realized I have no where to keep them and they are crazy expensive! I started requesting books on the Nashville Library website- you can tell them which library to hold them for you so its convenient! I love it and its FREE!!! Here is the website if you want to check it out

I have mention before that I read lots of different blogs and I know sometimes its hard keeping up with all that so my friend Julie introduced me to Google Reader! I love it!! It keeps up with all of the blogs you read and it lets you know when a blog has been updated!! Its so easy to use and guess what there is an app on my iPhone for it, YAY!!!!

I love Clinique Moisturizer!!! I have used it for years and I use 2 times and day and I am not shy with it!!! I LOVE IT... I only like the lotion not the gel!!!

I love my pink laptop! I have always had a desktop and never really liked laptops but I got this little thing and I love it!! Its perfect because it is light weight and I can take it anywhere!!

I love my Vera Bradley Computer Messenger bag! Its the perfect size and has just enough pockets!!

Sooooo guess what I got......

JUST KIDDING... If I did get this be looking for me on TV because I will have to win the lottery to buy this bad boy! I just thought it would be fun to add to my Favorite Things post a part called "Things that would be my FAVORITE if I did own it"!!!!!


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