Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wow I have alot to say tonight!!

I had a great 4th! I spent some time with family and we celebrated my brothers birthday. My Dad was in town so he took us to J Alexanders and had Ryan's birthday dinner. It seems like its becoming a tradition for us 3 to go there, its always yummy and its a fun time! My Granny came in town, my aunt and uncle came in and my cousin came in town. He has recently been thru a divorce and he came into contact recently with his High School girlfriend(on Facebook) and she came over and she definitely got the families seal of approval! She fit right in acted like she had known us for years! She got to see my crazy side early because I was trying to follow the Michael Jackson drama and of course the Steve McNair tragedy. We were sitting on Moms screened in porch and my phone beeped and it was a twitter update from Intern Adam(he works at 107.5 the River here in town) and he said "not sure if this is gossip but Steve McNair is dead"!! I jumped up yelled what was on the tweet and ran into the TV! I am sure she will learn real fast that I like the celebrity gossip!

And of course this leads me to talk about Steve McNair. What a busy guy he was. He had his wife,kids, girlfriends, his downtown condo, all his cars, his restaurant, his career and did I mention his girlfriends!! I liked him as an athlete, I saw him with my own 2 eyes interact with kids and you could you tell he was great with them and enjoyed working with them. I didnt like that he lived the playboy life. I cant imagine what his wife and kids are going through!! He was a football legend but how can you look past his lifestyle to remember that? How can that girl be so messed up in the head that she can plan a murder and then actually shoot him 4 TIMES!! WOW... I cant even imagine that and imagine being in the state of mind she was in to do that!

I didnt get to see all of the Michael Jackson memorial but I have seen bits and pieces and I will admit that I cried when Usher sang and when his daughter talked! Even though I think he was odd he was those kids Dad and my heart breaks for any kid that looses a parent! I hope that media does back off a little and lets the family grieve.

There is this little girl at work that is so cute and teeny tiny! She is slow moving and so so soft spoken! Well today she shocked us all when she broke out in song! Here are 2 videos of her singing- the first song is a Barbie song(I cant understand any of it) and the other is Jesus Loves Me! It cracks me up because she is so into and trying so hard and that she speaking above a squeak..

Well I do have more to talk about but I am off to bed! I am tired...YAWN!!


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