Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Your going to get Whiplash"...

Obviously yesterday I was in a bad mood! I was feeling sorry for myself and I figured I would just put it all out there for everyone to see. My older brother sent me an email today and he said "you have to understand yourself to be yourself" and I really like that and it made me think! I am over my mood but I do appreciate the all the emails!

Well the weather in Nashville has been gorgeous!! Its been warm and low humidity and its great! Today we took the kids on a walk around the neighborhood behind the school and we told them we were on a hunt to find American flags. We were walking down the side walk and we spot a flag and one of my little friends said "There is an American Idol flag" - oh he cracks me up! I am guessing his mom was a fan of the Idol! Also on the walk there was a lady out in the yard working in her yard and she was super friendly(her outfit was questionable so I just wanted to move on) another one of the teachers heard a kid say "oh she was just a farmer", I think its funny to hear what these kids come up with.

At school we have a the big room(its a large room with a basketball goal, bikes they can ride and all this other stuff) well the boys get on these bikes and they start flying around the room and they run the bikes right into the wall( I am talking there could be whiplash involved in this activity) and we told these 2 boys to stop doing it at least 3 times. Welllll guess what, they did it again! Before they could even turn to see if I was watching I was pulling them off and we were off to the classroom to write the moms "bad" notes. One of the boys said " I am not going to be able to watch Up"(his dad had told me that they had gotten the Wii Up game) so I said "Nope you arent going to be able to play your game at home since you arent listening at school" he looked up at me and said " you can get me in trouble at home too AH man". It cracked me up because he is so stinking cute and he never gets in trouble so he was just shocked that he actually thought I could take his game away while he was at home. To bad the other little boy just laughed and thought it was fun to write a bad note!!

I took a huge break when writing this post. Usually I sit down and write it all real fast and I am on my way. I got a call from little brother and he said he needed something liquid soon because he was SO thirsty(he called because he thought I might be leaving the gym buts lets be honest thats not happening today) Anyways I ran to Sonic and got him and Route 44 Cherry Limeade and a burger and then I went to the car wash and to Target!

Well I am done rambling for the day but if your sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for my next post(which I know you all are..yeah right) I will be writing about Photo Shop(which I got), the Dr Scholls and these homemade cinnamon rolls that I made!!

I also wanted to ask everyone to say a little prayer for my friend Jayne she is back in the hospital and waiting for the arrival of sweet baby Anniston! Also I have another friend Rhiannon that is due for her sweet baby Ethan to make his appearance in the world any day!!


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