Sunday, August 30, 2009


Honestly this is the first time this week that I have sat with nothing to do!

I am loving my job so far! Its so great and I love the challenge. I have learned, been challenged and made new friends all in my first week. Everyone is so super nice and so very helpful. I am glad that the first week is over because that means its time to get down to business. We have a huge retreat coming up so we have been getting ready for that on top of all the other work that has to be done. I have sat in on meetings and I love the design meetings, it gets my mind going. Anyways I appreciate everyone who emailed me and asked me about my week and wishing me good luck!

Well I am about to make me next adventure and thats MOVING! I have a lot of choices to make with this decision so I will let you know when things are changing. Oh goodness I have a lot of stuff to move so I will be doing some serious Craigslisting to try and downsize!

I have to say that I was super sad to hear about Dj AM passing away. For some reason I followed him along the way of his career-he has accomplished alot and made a name for himself and then survived that plane crash. I think it just makes me realize that even though they are famous they still struggle just like we do.

I am off to watch some mindless TV and do nothing until I am off to bed. Oh yeah I am back on my gym routine just letting you know in case you wondering.


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