Monday, August 17, 2009


My blogging has fallen by the wayside lately! There has been lots going on and I havent had lots of extra time! I feel like I have nothing to write about but then again I feel like there is so much to say that I dont even know where to start... This will be a totally random post because I have lots of things swimming around in my head.
  • I finally got to go to Cantina Laredo today- Steph and I went there for lunch and it was yummy! We had never been there so we werent really sure what to expect and we decided to share something and we ended up with TONS of food- it was funny. Steph asked the waitress for some to go boxes and ole' girly looked like we had asked her to run outside naked!! Obviously Cantina Laredo doesnt get asked for to go boxes-it was funny!
  • Steph cracks me up! I can always talk to her and tell her everything and she will always give me advice! Its funny because I think we different in a lot of way but we are the same in a lot of ways! Its good to know that I have such a great friend!!
  • I am a planner- I like to have a plan for EVERYTHING!! I like knowing whats gonna happen, I guess thats why I hate surprises! I had my week all planned out and I found out today there would be some unexpected changes and I got all worked up! I know its crazy and it makes me sound like a total brat BUT I like being prepared and well planned! I say all that to say that I know I need to loosen up and roll with the punches( I can say that all I want but its gonna be hard...)
  • I am just going to admit it... I am scared about my new job!! I dont even know what to say about it but I am scared and scared of failing. I have a lot on the line and I have a lot of people that I have to impress.
  • I hope that a year from now I am somewhere so different and I can look back and read this and be proud of what I have become in a year
  • In the past 6 months or so I am realizing that "stuff" doesnt make me happy or my life better. Isnt it so sad that it has taken me this long to figure that out!!
  • Downsizing and organizing is going to become part-time job!
  • I found out today that my bladder is no longer in the healing stages-I have a bladder infection. I will find out how bad it is on Wednesday but in the meantime I am back on the medicine full time! Its exhausting dealing with medicine. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there is some kind of good that comes from every situation but I dont know of any good that came from my wreck.
  • I am READY for fall- I love it! I love the colors, the smells, the weather and I LOVE ME SOME TITANS FOOTBALL!!

Is this random enough for you! I have been writing this post all day! I would type a little then leave and come back and type some more so thats one of the reasons its all over the place!!


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