Thursday, August 13, 2009


I feel like my life has been put in a bucket and shaken up and then tossed out everywhere!! Everything is changing!! Its all new and different! Yes it is exciting but its very scary all at the same time.

On Tuesday I turned my notice in here at school. Its very sad for me because I love the kids and I love the job. I loved to be challenged and let me tell you these kids can be challenging but I need to be challenged in a different way. I took business classes in college as well as computer classes and I loved them . I feel like that every year that goes by I loose a little bit of that knowledge. I have been offered a full time position at PivotHealth as a Marketing Assistant. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity so I am taking it and running with it. Its a position that I can learn with as well as grow with! It will be a huge challenge and I am ready for it.

So I am the one that has shaken up my life so pray for me and pray that I adjust.


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Congratulations and good luck! I know the kids will miss their Miss Beth, but I know you'll do a great job wherever you go!


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