Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taking a Minute...

Man its been a busy weekend!! Its been go go go since Wednesday!! Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday emails and facebook birthday wishes!

I had a great birthday this year! Last weekend I went to the movies and Mexican with friends and this weekend I had the family birthday- Thursday at school a sweet little friend in my class and his Mom brought cute B cookies for my birthday so I got to celebrate with them! My friend from work and her twin sister gave me the cutest bag, recipie cards and a cookbook holder-it is all so cute! Thursday night I went to dinner with my Mom, Granny, Ryan, Johnny and Becky then home for cake and presents!! My Granny got me all the Clinique stuff that I use(I have the best Granny), a glass and ladybug Pandora charms and some fun giftcrards!! I have been telling my Mom for months that I wanted a Pandora bracelet and she got me one for my birthday!! I LOVE IT!! She got me the silver bracelet, an owl charm, a dog charm and the turtle charm and some glass charms! My mom is the best and even though we bicker a lot I love her to death!! My little brother got me a super funny birthday card and money but he doesnt know that I am going to turn around and give it back to him when I get him to clean my car for me :)! My sweet Aunt and Uncle gave me money as well, which I will be using at the Gap Friends and Family Sale!!! Yay!! I love my family and I know that I would be no where without them!!
Last night I sat on Moms back porch and gave them all a Facebook/email/Internet/ Blackberry
lesson! It cracks me up with what they need help with but I have to give them all props for trying! I know lots of people that dont even try to use any sort of technology because they think its impossible! I love it and I am always glad to help out!

Well I am headed to Pivot to finish somethings up there and then off to SAMS!!

Thanks again for all the Birthday Wishes!!

I will post birthday pictures soon...


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