Thursday, September 3, 2009

Changes to my little ole' blog!

I changed my Blog background today and I love it! I am super excited for tomorrow because I am going to participate in the Dip swap so come by tomorrow and follow the Mr.Linkey and you can see all the recipies that people post! I have had some ladies contact me about my blog so I am hoping to have some big changes coming soon! For some reason they follow my blog and they like my randomness my blog! SOOO you can expect more randomness fun and exciting post from me! Dont forget to check back tomorrow for some great recipies!

This time next week we will be cheering for some real season Titans Football!

Oh yeah I forgot the most important thing that I did today!!!! Heres a little hint...

Thats right people I bought the first Christmas Gift of Chrismas Shopping 2009!! I LOVE IT!!! Is it to early to put up my tree????? I am not going to lie sometimes when I am in my car alone sitting in traffic I will pop in my Christmas music cd and sing along loudly!! I have had the thoughts of what if I was pulled over or wrecked and the policeman heard my Christmas Music in September-


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