Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Im finally sitting...

Oh goodness just wanted to stop in and day HI! I have slacked on my blogging but I will get caught up this weekend! I have some pictures to post that I havent even pulled off my camera yet! I have been neglecting my pink DELL for my work computer and lets face it that computer doesnt have all my fun stuff on it.

I have a lot of things coming up so I am trying to stay organized and prepared but thats hard! Its exhausting trying to be prepared! I am going to Denver next week(keep in mind its snowing there) so I have to gather up some coats and winter clothes-I get home late and have to be at work the next day!( I know everyone does this but it is my first time :) Then I am preparing for a super HUGE and IMPORTANT meeting at work where we will be presenting at the end of October. I am loving this project because I love the topic, I have tons of ideas and its my time to prove myself so I want it to be PERFECT!!! Then I am going to New York in November(YAY I cant wait for that)!!!!!!

Oh Yeah I have to answer this because I have gotten a couple of emails about my new coffee maker! I am proud to say that I LOVE IT and I havent been to Starbucks once since I got it(can you believe it)!! I will be honest I feel a little left out at the office without my Starbucks cup but deep down I know that I didnt spend $5 for a coffee!! I love my Keurig machine- Its easy and it makes awesome coffee!

Here is a hint to my next project! Changing Makeup! I am not leaving Clinique but I need a change! Thats not a hint thats what I am doing! Anyways I am hoping to have this done before I go to Denver, cross your fingers! Email me with ideas or makeup that you love, I would love to get some ideas and even tell me of things that you tried and didnt like!

My granny is recovering day by day! She goes to the doctor tomorrow so I will update after that!

This weekend I will address the Jon and Kate issue I just cant not talk about it! I will just make it one big Celebrity Gossip post and I have a Favorite Thing post as well!

Well I hope everyone is all well! And doing good! I am busy and happy and loving life! I will update with fun stuff this weekend!


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