Monday, September 14, 2009

Its Official...

Its official I am a person in the corporate world!! I was that person that had my car washed at work in the parking lot(go ahead and laugh)! This super nice man came to the office and I gave him my keys and he was off to work! He washed and cleaned the inside my car and let me tell you he did a FABULOUS job(he even shampooed my carpets)!! I thought to myself today "Am I really so busy that I cant wash my car" and the answer was "yes"!! We have our big company retreat this week so we have been so busy lately! I will take pictures tomorrow of the gifts we ordered for everyone and I am super excited about them. I got Camelbak water bottles made with PivotHealth on them., we got sweatshirt blankets made with PivotHealth on them and we had luggage tags made! Its all super cute and I am excited to give them out.

Granny is still improving daily! I am really hoping she will get to go home this week sometime. She did walk down the hall today so if I had to guess tomorrow she will have to eat and then do some bathroom work(not to be gross but thats a big part of the that kind of surgery)! Thanks again for all the concerns and prayers.

Of course I am going to comment on the Taylor Swift/Kayne West ordeal! I mean lets face it that guy is a CLASS ACT JERK!!! I like Taylor and she deserved her moment. Maybe just maybe MTV will finally learn to not let that bozo into any other awards shows!! I am definitely TEAM TAYLOR!!!!

Well I am off to get my outfits together for the rest of the week since I will be staying out in Cool Springs. Oh yeah no fear I do have some funny stories from our ER experience you will just have to wait for it...dont forget I am a corporate person now(again go ahead and laugh)!!!!!


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