Saturday, September 19, 2009

The not so straight and narrow

When I was in the second grade I would I get out all of my folders, stickers, pencils, papers... I would line up my dolls and my little brother and I would play school! I would give homework, play puzzles, grade papers... and I loved it.I went through life and I grew up wanting to be a teacher and would have people telling me that I would be a great teacher. I went to college with education on my mind and that is what I was going to do because that is what I wanted to do. I felt lucky that I knew what I wanted to do and I knew what I had to do to achieve it. I became what I wanted to do and I basically lived out my dream. I got to work with kids and be apart of their education life. I loved it- It was comfortable, predictable, routined and again its what I wanted to do because I knew I was good at it! Sometimes I would think good for me I followed my path and didnt turn back in regret or wonder to far from my career path. Then one day at school I looked around and I thought I love my job, I love the kids but I need to be challenged. I started having thoughts of "what else is out there" "am I smart enough to do anything else "is this rest of my life"... but I would push those thoughts aside and be glad that I was on the right path, the path that I chose.
Well guess what I took a turn off my path, I was given the opportunity to try something new. I was scared with absolutely no self esteem but I quit my comfortable job and made myself try something new. I took my job at PivotHealth with nothing but I had everything on the loose. I went into the job with the thoughts of "I cant do this because I not smart enough", "I dont have the business girl look" and most important "this job is not what I had planned" I was scared.
Right now at the moment I am not living by the path I chose for myself, I am wandering around and I LOVE IT! I am challenged, my days are busy and I am working for a goal! My brain is 100 mph hour with ideas and ways that I can improve PivotHealth. I have learned so much but I think the number one thing that I have learned is life is not the straight and narrow and if you pass up opportunities because your scared your going to live a life of wonder. A friend from the office told me that "life is not a dress rehearsal you dont get an encore", that made me think and I want to live my life and enjoy it and take on challenges head on with the attitude of I can do this!!!


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