Friday, September 11, 2009

Siggghh... of relief that is.

What a day it has been, It was one of those days where you dont know how tense you are until you sit down and take a breathe. The surgery was a success and the results were sent for testing and then we can 100% rule out cancer. She is resting, on pain meds and seems to be well. She is VERY ready to get back to normal so I think that will help with a speedy recovery. Mom and I both got to come home tonight and get some sleep, Ryan is staying with her tonight.

I got a lot of emails from random people that I dont even know telling me that they are praying for Granny and for our family. Its so great to know that strangers are praying for my family. I got one email regarding my last post and it basically told me to get over it. First this will be the one only time I mention this because I dont want them to get attention. Second I laugh because someone is basically judging me and they have no clue who I am. I blog because I want to thats just it. I dont care if anyone reads but its like therapy and a hobby. I like to lay it out there and I am not going to sugar coat it anything in anyway. Basically its my blog my thoughts and I can share if I want to

I owe my friend Steph so much! She was so super great and sent out updates to my family, friends and Grannys church friends all day long. I love her and I cant even imagine not having her as a friend. I know that I can call on her for everything and anything and she will always be there for me. I also wanted to give my friend Jayne and shout as well because she consistently texted me telling me she was thinking about us and offering to help with anything. She is the type of person that I could call and she would be there. Its so great to know especially during times like this that I have people in my life that will always be there for me.

Thanks again for everything and praying for my Granny now we can start praying we get good news on Tuesday and that she has a speedy recovery.


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