Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well this is the first time that I dont really have anything to write about! Can you believe it I have nothing to complain about or anything to get off my chest, I am just content(Finally)! This is just going to be some randomness and lets face it thats my favorite.

My dad cracks me up! We had our company retreat this past week and since he is the President he had to do a whole lot of talking! After all these years I never really knew what he did or how hard he works. He has built an amazing company from the ground up and I am so thrilled to work for it! Dad and I have the typical father/daughter relationship so I was a little nervous how he would be at the retreat but it was great, there were a few times my face got a little red but he did pretty good! Every once in awhile we will make a trip to Costco and we will shop (lets be honest I ask him to take me) but thats about the only time good ole' dad will do any shopping. We are just alike in the fact that we like to go up and down ever aisle and we like to touch and mess with all the electronics. Dad cracks me up because he got fired up that he found some pants he liked at Costco! I just wanted to say a little something about my dad because I dont think I have mentioned him a lot on here!


Thanks for everyone who has asked about my Granny! She is at Moms and seems to be resting comfortably. She is pretty sore but that is just part of surgery recovery! Keep praying for her as she heals.


Steph had to get her wisdom teeth out this past week. She is doing pretty well now but she was hurting for a few days. The pain meds they gave her made her feel sick so that just made the whole thing worse. I went by on Saturday to take her some magazines and she was pretty swollen but she was some what up. I made her some Jello water and she drank that so hopefully that helped.


My friend Jayne who I have mentioned a few times made the decision to stay home with her sweet baby girl(which I totally respect) but today she twitted that she was sitting in traffic with a crying baby that had a dirty diaper and let me tell you when I read that I just got stressed for her! I cant imagine what I will be like when I have my first baby but let me tell you Jayne has rocked at being a Mommy!


So I broke down and figured out how much money I have spent at Starbucks since I started at PivotHealth and let me tell you its mortifying and I am not even going to type the actually number in! I broke down and brought the Keurig Special Edition coffee maker and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!! My problem was I couldnt get the coffee to water right, it just always tasted so gross. Well with the Keurig it comes already measured and its perfect! I foresee me saving a lot of money by not going to Starbucks!

Also I cant remember if I mentioned my thoughts about Ellen being on Idol but I am fired up about it! I cant wait I think she will be so funny on it!
Well I am off to watch a little TV and hitting the sack!


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