Monday, October 26, 2009


Where were you at 3 am this morning? I was up getting things done but not by choice. I woke up at 2:45am and I just couldnt go back to sleep. I dont know what woke me up or if I just have so much going on I just couldnt sleep! Basically every aspect of my life is changing: I am still adjusting at work, I am moving, my family dynamic is changing... just a lot going on. Anyways I got the stuffed that is packed organized and I got a few more items packed up but dont fear there is PLENTY more to pack up! I could have very easily gotten up that early because I was worried about doing my hair by myself. I got it cut and colored on Saturday and I wanted to color it brown, my hair girl said absolutely not so instead she did a new cut. My hair is now curly its cute but its just different and of course I am still getting used to it. After work today I ran to Target to get a few items and I was waiting in line to check out and I heard this lady say "Son stop I dont like you right now" and she said it loud. She continued to yell at him and carry one, I looked around and everyone was trying not look at her and then I hear "Seriously son are you trying to make me autistic too"! I was shocked are you kidding me I was not about to turn around and look at her but WOW. There was this little lady behind me and I heard her say(to herself I presume) "Someone needs to smack the S&%t out of her" and all I could do was laugh. Anyway the lady made me mad but the sad thing is she probably acts like that all the time because her poor kids weren't even phased by her.


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