Saturday, October 10, 2009


Its chilly tonight in good ole' NashVegas! We went outside after dinner and my teeth were chattering!! Tonight we all went to dinner for Day Two of Celebrating Stephs birthday! This girl loves her birthday and it cracks me up and it makes me love her birthday too because she gets so excited!

Lets rewind to Friday first. It was a pretty quiet day at work until I notice there was a car chase on the news! I become obsessed with it and then other people in the office started watching and let me tell you it went on for 2 hours!! After we all sat there and watched it forever the phone started ringing, someone came to the door and we all missed the capture! After all that and we all missed it, it was funny! So of course I found it on FoxNews and forwarded to everyone but it still wasnt as exciting as watching it live. After work I had some errands to run and then I was meeting Steph and Drew at Stephanies moms for a birthday dinner. While I was running errands I decided what colors I wanted to use in the bedroom at my new house and I started running around Green Hills looking for what I wanted! I have a very bad habit of getting an idea in my head and start buying all this crazy stuff that I end up returning! Well I have a rug and mirror to return to Pier One, a comforter to return to West Elm and pillow shams and a blanket to return to Macys!! Oh goodness I have shopping issues but at least I know what colors I am using!
I had dinner at Stephs moms house and I love her she cracks me up!! She was telling me that when Steph was a baby she would just set her in the seat! Not a car seat, I was dying but it was funny to hear her tell it!
This morning I ran all over town doing errands but I did get what I was looking for for my bedroom and I only had to go to Target 3 times to decide :0 its embarrassing I know! I then came home and got to work! My garage is packed up as well as my dining room and part of my kitchen. I also was doing laundry all day for my trip to Denver.
Then my friend Jayne picked me up for dinner at Cantina Laredo for Stephanies birthday! It was super fun and there was a good group there. Its so funny to me to look back at how we all became friends and stayed friends! I love those girls and I am lucky to know all of them! Jayne gave me a little present tonight and let me tell you it made my day! She gave me a Starbucks travel cup but it looks just like their real cups!! I love it, Thank You Jayne!
I love when we all get together and talk about the old days! Oh we were cracking up! Its so funny to think about all we used to get into!!

Happy Birthday to my bestie Stephanie! I was thinking tonight how we are so different but she is like my sister! I love her to death! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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