Sunday, October 4, 2009


As soon as I get out bed I turn right around and make it, I cant stand when I have shoes laying out in the floor, I HATE dust so I dust at least 3 times a week, I empty the dishwasher as soon its done, I pay my bills as soon as I get them, I check and consolidate my checking account everyday, I would rather eat soup at home then driving thru McDonald's to eat junk food, I would rather save $25 a week on coffee by making my own, I think twice before buying something, I look for bargains, I cut coupons, I hate when my car is dirty, I dont like a lot of stuff sitting around and I want things clean, I catch myself listening to 92.9(easy listening) rather than top 40, I am making my own BIG decisions... Do you know what all this means??? Its means I am a real live GROWN UP!!! I cant believe it! I remember a day when I never made my bed, I could have shoes laying everywhere, I would leave the dishes in the dishwasher for days, I would buy anything and everything I wanted and it was usually on a credit card, I could never ever make decisions on my own! I would worry about, hound my friends and beg my parents to tell me what to do. I would stress and carry on and would end up never making my OWN decisions. On Saturday I decided to rent a house(hopefully convincing the owner to sell) yes I drove my Mom and Granny crazy about it, I blew my dads phone up trying to get him to tell me what to do. Then I was driving and I realized I was stressing myself to death over this! I picked up the phone and I called the guy and said "I want it ", dont be fooled I did ask him if he thought I was doing the right thing( yes he was a stranger and yes he is the owner), he of course said YES! I have researched apartments,I considered buying, I even considered moving back to the ole' Moms house and nothing felt right. I was waiting for someone to say "ok you have waited long enough and this is what you are going to do" but I had that feeling when I was looking at the house that it is where I am supposed to be! I love it!! Its precious, charming, perfect size, I love the neighbors, its everything I was looking for. I did it I made my choice and I am happy about it! Then it hit me I have a WHOLE LOT OF STUFF to pack up and move! I mean to tell you its overwhelming but I am going to embrace it and clean, throw away, donate and garage sale and make it into a good thing. I feel like moving is a way to declutter and live simple! I have alot to do before now and November 1st, thats moving day! I am excited, I am proud of myself and I am ready for the change! I will definitely be posting pictures soon!!


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