Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh Dave! What in the world! I mean he said his peace, I think he did the right he laid out his mistakes to the world so that bozo would get what he deserved(the guy that was blackmailing). I dont understand why he keeps talking about it and making jokes about. I figure its a lot worse than he leads on or he is using it for ratings.
Do I really want to get started on these 2 morons! I mean they are tearing up their family piece by piece so they can be on the front of magazines. Yes I think he is worse then her but I think she is putting on "I am a great Mom" act. I feel so bad for those kids! That Mady will end up in jail before she 12 if they dont get on her now!

I dont really care for her but I LOVE her hair cut!! I will be taking this picture the next time I get my hair done!

Oh STARS! This lady KILLS me! I mean what plastic surgeon did this to her? Its plain frightening!!!
Alrighty I am back to packing just wanted to stop and give you guys a little celebrity gossip and a Halloween Scary picture( she could cause nightmares) Wait she is a woman right?


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