Thursday, October 22, 2009

Poor Ben

Heres my new problem! "Hi my name is Beth and I am addicted to coffee" its becoming an issue. Before I thought it was just the whole Starbucks thing so I went out and bought my expensive coffee maker that I love so now here is the problem. I drink a cup getting ready and then another on the way to work and then around 10 I mosey over to Starbucks!! What is wrong with me!! In Denver we are at the hotel on the first day and let me add that this is a big nice fancy hotel in downtown Denver and all I could think about was where is the nearest Starbcucks! Brandt(he works for Pivot in CAlifornia with my dad) said "you are just like you dad you dont want coffee you have to have it" its sad to say thats true! OH well I am going to cut back ....starting Monday!
Yesterday Im working away and here come all the consultants and BOOM I am slammed! Want to know what time I walked in the door last night 12:06am as in this morning! Want to know what time my alarm went off this morning 5am (do the math and then guess how many cups of coffe I had...)Last night around 7ish I am angry that I am still there, around 8:30 I grasp the fact that I have to be there and deal with it and get busy, around 10pm it becomes funny that I am still there and I begin to laugh at everything. Let me tell you who I was there was... My boss(he is SERIOUS AND INTENSE), 2 Vice President and a consultant and me(who is a nervous wreck)! I stop and look around and I am like what am I doing here! I am in a board room with SUPER smart people and I am can follow the conversation and give my input, it was a proud moment for me...LOL! Anyway we are in the 11pm hour and my boss is loosened up and he was like show them the cool new stapler you got for me! Well here I go I get lots of paper and the big ole new stapler and BAM I am not sure what happens the stapler goes flying and I am down for the count! MORTIFIED they were all staring I started laughing they just stood there it was a very classic Beth moment! Oh goodness and my proud moment was OVER!!! And to top of the day I come home get in bad and go to check my email and no internet oh well I flip on the TV and guess what no cable! Thats it you can make me work late, you can force me to stop drinking coffee but DO NOT MESS WITH MY TV!! 7:30am I am on the phone with Ben from Comcast and let me tell you I didnt give Ben a good start to his day! Poor Ben he got the wrath of me but let me tell you my cable and internet work and I have Bens personal cell phone number in the ole' iPhone!!


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