Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twice in one day!!

In Denver we went to this super fun little bar one night to get margarits. It was dark but had bright green walls, it was just a fun place with a good vibe. So we sit down and here comes the bartender and I when I looked up I gasped! He looked just like the guy who killed his model wife and fled to Canada and then commited suicide.Well I started asking Sara(from work) if she thought he looked like him and she didnt know what I was talking about and neither did they guys. I mean HONESTLY my Steph would have known and it hit me "is everyone not crazy over celebrity gossip like I am". Well here are a few fun celebrity picturs...

I love both of them!

Do you love her because hopefully Saturday my hair will look just like it and that color!!!

Its Orlando Boom and super cute little puppy! I love it!

I love Nicole Richie! How cute is her little family! That girl is precious!


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