Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today I stopped for a second I realized that I had no idea what day of the week it was! Moving has overtaken my life!! I took off 2 days from work to get it done and I am so glad that I did. I cant imagine trying to get all this done at night after a full day of work! Everything is going great and I am just glad the actually moving part is over, now I am just organizing, throwing away and cleaning. I am loving this house, its like it was built just for me! Its an older home that has been upgraded but it still has TONS of charm! The neighbors arent to shabby either! I have been friends with my neighbors family for a long time and I just love their little family! They have 3 kids that are just plain precious! Thier oldest son was in the first pre-school class that I ever taught at my church! I loved him(lets face it he was one of my favorites)! His poor dad has helped me so much with things since I have moved in, I definitely owe them a free babysitting gig! I have had a couple of blog readers email and ask for pictures and I promise they are coming soon!

Its very rare that my whole family is together at the same time! My older brother and his wife are in town from Costa Rica and I am so excited about it! I dont get to see them a lot so when we do its always a big family affair! We all went to dinner tonight and had just the best time! During dinner I thought to myself that I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. This move wouldnt have happened if it wasnt for my Mom, Granny and my little brother they have worked so hard to help me make this house a home, so I am so grateful to have them! I am excited to have some great family time with them this week!

Well blog friends I am off to bed! I hope all has a great week and I promise when everything calms down there will more blogging!


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I am so proud of you, you are at peace and it seems to be the happiest I've ever seen you. Our conversation on the porch warmed my heart, you are a great sister and I love you! Pura Vida!

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