Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was having a great day everything was going great I am working on a big project at work and we made some huge headway! Ryan got his house today so I was heading out and I get an email and it just turned my whole day around. I just sat in traffic and cried-I was just disappointed. I have tried so hard to make this person proud and I have worked so hard to have good relationship with this person and its always something. Its not all his fault but his words and attitude just sucks. I am not going to say who this person is on here but guess what this is my blog and I can vent to blog world if I want! I am not a crier so it takes a lot for me to cry and then admit it so you can probably guess that mood is blue tonight but my plan is go to bed early and then wake up to a do day tomorrow. I am ending with this DO NOT TAKE YOUR FAMILY FOR GRANTED!

I am going to finish watching the CMAs and I will admit the Kayne bashing is making me feel a little better!


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