Monday, November 30, 2009

"Dont Be Scared, The Other Shoppers Can Sense Fear"!

Hello Friends! Were you wondering if I was still shopping??? Here is a short recap of the last couple of days.

Thanksgiving day we did the whole eating thing and I spent a good few hours studying and making notes looking thru all the store ads. Johnny, Granny and I went looking at houses, one of my favorite things to do! Then we went back to Moms and I had to make the final shopping plan! Here is a picture from Thanksgiving... How PRECIOUS is my Zoe.

Friday... oh Friday... Black Friday! Lets be honest its my favorite day of the year! How many times can you save serious money on expensive items, push when shopping, make crude remarks to other shoppers and run in stores and act crazy...I LOVE it! This year Stephanie and I (and Jayne via Twitter) tagged team on Black Friday. All day I kept telling Steph that we shopped like rich people! I got a little nervous about how our day was going to be because it started off rocky! I got up at 2:45am got ready, coffee was made and I was on my way to pick her up and there I am on 440 sitting!! There was a motorcycle blood pressure was rising quickly! 20 minutes later of sitting at 3:30am my blood pressure was in stroke zones! I had to get on 65 do a u-turn and finally I picked her up! I was ready to be cold and get in line at Macys and push and run! We got there and I promise there was NO other car in the parking lot not one(there was one but I think it was broken down) so OF COURSE I start blaming Steph because she said they opened at 5am(poor girl) and obviously they werent! Well sure enough she proved herself and called and the voicemail said they opened at 5( deep down I still thought they werent opening)! Its now 4:50am and there are now maybe 3 other cars, the store lights werent on NOTHING(I was prepared to say I TOLD YOU SO) and boom right at 5am on the dot the lights flick on and doors open and the employees were all there(I mean where do they park?)!! And yes after all the waiting and stressing we only got 3 things between the both of us. Off to Target, Best Buy, Dicks, Bath and Body Works, McDonald's(we started to get weak we needed calories to help us power thru), Williams Sonoma(where Steph the most GORGEOUS shiny sparkly Amazing Kitchen Aid mixure for a steal, Gap, Pottery Barn, Express, J Crew, BeBe, Abercrombie, Macys(just in case we missed something the first time) then we were off to Michael's and HH Greg( I cant believe I just listed all the stores). We finally sat down at Logans and I started to get nervous because we were so tired that I wasnt sure my legs would carry me back to the car. I took Steph home carried in all of her must have purchases. And I went back to the mall to get some Christmas gifts and a black purse that I should have gotten the first time I was there! I was headed home to show Granny my loot and we decided to finish my Christmas decorations, I figured since I had 3 hours sleep and been shopping for 12 hours that I was nice rested to finish decorating! Well when I was done with that I decided that I had hit basically every shopping place in Nashville that I should just head over to Opry Mills as well! Lets just say Friday night I was to tired to even go to bed!

I will finish my weekend recapping tomorrow! I just wore myself out just thinking about Friday!!


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