Friday, November 20, 2009

Its about that time...

Well I am wasting time till the dryer goes off so I get my stuff out and head to bed! This week has literally flown by!! I have been so busy at work that I havent had time to mess up my house so I am excited to not have to clean a whole lot this weekend! This is the first weekend in months that I havent had a million things to do and I hate to say it but I am excited about it. Tomorrow I will create this in my living room!
I got it all out tonight so I am ready and somewhat organized! As long as I can remember I have made a Christmas list for my parents! I love it, I give pictures, website and any other specifics.

I am working on getting a few of the items posted on my blog so that I can share with you guys! I love looking at other peoples wish list, I think its fun! I found these today and I love them!! They are the Rachel Ray soup bowls

I love the orange! I think they are so fun and bright! So cute!!!

I had a Amazon voucher that expires at the end of the year and I knew exactly what I wanted! The Pioneer Woman's cookbook! I love her and I cant wait to get it!!! When I get it I will give a review but from everything I have read I heard its GREAT!

Well the dryer is beeping so that means I can finally go to bed! Yay

Oh yeah did I mention that I got an email from this lady today! Yup thats my favorite blog writer! I am not going to lie it made my day! Go check her out at her blog(after you finish reading my blog)!

I almost forgot! For the people that emailed me to tell me that Zoe is precious, Thank You! We love her and we know that we have the best Yorkie ever!! Also the people who asked about where she came from I will contact the breeder and see if its ok for me to give out her information. Also I know that I have not posted pictures of my house but I promise they are coming and I am excited that all my Christmas stuff will be in them!


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