Sunday, November 22, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well I did it, I am done and I only had 2 meltdowns! ALL of my Christmas stuff is put out and decorated and working properly(now). Friday night I stayed up till 1am bringing all the Christmas upstairs and then organizing it so I would be ready to get busy on Saturday. I worked all day yesterday getting everything up and going. This morning my house looked like a bomb had gone of,there was stuff EVERYWHERE! So today I cleaned and carried the Christmas bins back downstairs. Like I said I had 2 meltdowns- one regarding a small fire with my Christmas tree and my TV falling off its stand! Here are a few pictures....

The Front of the house- Sorry its blurry.
It my hallway, where an old phone would sit
I never do colored lights EVER! But I like the old fashion lights so this little tree is in my office where no one can see it :) You like that mess? Yup I still havent unpacked everything
The fire place and mantel
In the dining room...
The Tree that has aged me 100 years and yes I see the chord I just havent fixed it yet
Dining room


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