Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Little Ole' Blog

I'm having what you say "writers block"! I am not even remotely a writer, I basically just put my thoughts into words and instead of using a journal I just type! I have recently learned that my blog is going to be apart of a "Nashville Bloggers" projects. I dont want to give away all the details at this point because I want to see how everything is going to work and how involved I am going to be in the project(I dont have a lot of spare time to take on a HUGE project right now) but I am excited to be asked to be involved with this project. I am still not 100% why they chose me and my blog to be apart of the meet 100 Nashville Bloggers. Every since I have learned about this and I have learned that it is going to direct a lot of traffic to my blog I have been struck down with "writers block". I am trying to make my posts perfect and I am worried about who is going to read and what they are going to think of me. I need to not worry about that stuff and just keep being random with my posts. When they interviewed me about my blog they asked me "Why do you take the time to sit down and share your life with strangers" I answered with I am not writing for strangers I am writing for me. I do this for fun, I like to share my thoughts, I like putting out my ideas and I like that I can go back and read what I have written in the past. Blogging is a hobby for me and I think its cool that people take the time to read my thoughts. Again I am not sure why my little ole' blog was put in the top 100 but I need to keep reminding myself why I started it and I need to keep posting about all my randomness.


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