Monday, November 9, 2009


What are some of yor tricks to saving a little extra money? I am participating in a blog hop so I would love to know your answers! You can email me your answers and I can add them to the post or you can comment and leave your answers! Thanks and I cant wait to hear all of your ideas!

From Stephanie:
Well.... thanks to you I go to the library instead of buying new books, We got a water filter on our sink and I use my camelback water bottle, that has saved us a TON on buying bottled water. I shop at stores like forever 21 & H&M instead of Bebe etc because the clothes are a third of the price and who wants to spend a fortune on trendy clothes that are only in style for one season? If I think of more I'll email you.

From my Granny:
First of all, dont buy unless you have the money to pay for it. Always save some from every pay check, even if it is only $1.00, it will add up, if your employer has the 401k or any type of savings and especially if they will match what you put in, by all means do it, also if they have a retirement plan.

From my friend Jayne
Stop going to Target!! LOLSeriously tho, when I was working I just had our investment guy automatically deduct $ from my paycheck every payday so I wouldn't even be able to get my hands on it & put it into a ROTH IRA :) that way you don't even see it to miss it! Or a lot of banks can set up an auto draft to take $ out of ur acct & transfer it to a savings acct...cause if I was responsible for making a deposit manually into a savings it prob wld never get done

From my cousin Tim
I eat a lot of Ramen noodles, pasta and drink sweet tea or cheap beer. I reduced my electric bill by more than half by turning off lights and lowered my hot water heater 10 degrees.
Usually I make enough dinner to take left overs to work for lunch. There are 2 places on my 12 mile drive home that I coast for over a mile. A clean car is more aerodynamic to.
I only do full loads of laundry and use only cold water. I traded my truck in on a car that gets 37 mpg and is beautiful. I saved enough on car payment ($245) and fuel mileage (37 mpg vs. 11mpg) to purchase a used pick up for the winter and firewood in 2 months.
Those are all of my tricks that I can think of. Hope it helps. Miss you!(I left this part in here because he is to sweet and I miss him too)!!

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