Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Schedule...

What a day it has been! When I get something or a schedule in my head it just has to happen! Thats what happen today. Since the move I have found lots of things that still had tags on it and I found all the receipts so I was on "Returning Spree", I also had a lot of things to return that I bought for this house that I dint use. I was at the Gap Outlet at 9:30am( I learned today that the Gap Outlet doesnt open till 10am) to return and to utilize my GAP friends and family coupon to get some work pants- they were on sale and I had my coupon they $12.99! After the returning I had to go to the grocery to buy the stuff to cook out. I picked up Granny and Zoe at Ryans house and brought them here and I got to cooking. I ran next door to get my favorite 3 year old and 5 year old, came back reved up the grill and got busy. My brother, his friend Kyle, Granny, Baker,Lilly and myself are sitting around my 4 top table chowing down on BBQ chicken, hashbrown casserole and corn on the cob(it was all pretty yummy if I saw so myself). I did the kitchen clean up and got the kids ready and we are off to run errands and feed the ducks. Let me tell you Baker and Lilly were so great in all the stores we went to! Poor things I hauled them all over town I know they are exhausted tonight(I know I am). After I dropped them off at their house I was off to Ryans to get Granny and we were off to errands.

What a Saturday I have had! Tomorrow will be a day of cleaning and organizing!

Here are a few pictures from out fun and BUSY day(Why didnt take pictures of the kids feeding the ducks they had such a blast)!

Lilly sporting my shades in the car(dont worry I took the picture while sitting at a red light)

Love this kid! He cracks me up!

This picture cracks me up!


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