Monday, November 16, 2009


I have definitly not felt well today at all! I just felt sluggish and yuck all day! I have had a slight fever tonight so my plan was to get in bed early and read magazines and blog. I feel like every year around this time when the weather is crazy I get sick so this year I am trying to be preventative. I will hope to be in bed before 9:30 everynight this week, we will see how that works out.

I am a big blog reader! I like to read others blog to get ideas, recipies... I was reading a blog today and I had the idea that I am going to start doing a weekly themed post. Now I just need to fiqure out what the theme is going to be! If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know!

A very wise man once told me "If you earn a dollar save a dime"(I miss you Pap-paw and I was listening when you gave me advice). He also always told me to always live within your means. Well in my ripe old age of 29(oh my gosh I am getting old) I know exactly what he means. So in the month of October I wrote down everything I bought or spent money on and all my bills and let me tell you it was interesting. I took all my information and made myself pick five things off the list that I can eliminate in November. I eliminated Starbucks all together, I canceled my newspaper subscription, I will not buy magazines at the grocery and I will not buy DVDs. At the end of this month I will fiqure out all the money I have spent and compare it to last month. I can already tell that I am going to have more money at the end of the month and I think its going to more money than I thought that I have saved. I also threatened Comcast with Tivo so now I am getting my Cable and DVR at a lower cost than I was before. The economy is bad and we dont know what is going to happen but I hope it gets better but there is no harm in me trying to be prepared.

This post was just randomness but it is what was on my mind tonight!


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