Thursday, November 26, 2009


This week for

the theme is Christmas Traditions! We have done the same thing the last couple of years and it seems to work out pretty well! Just today we were talking about the old days of going to Somerset, Kentucky to my great grandparents house(my Grannys parents) where we had a house full! It was so fun and I am so lucky that I remember it!! I loved it!! We would drive back on Christmas Eve and go to my Grandparents on my dads side where there was a house full of family there too and then we would head home to do Christmas with Granny and Pap-Paw then we were off to bed to wake up and do Santa!!! Its so fun to look back of all those memories and remember how exciting it was.

We have just recently started going to do the whole Gaylord thing! Last year we went to the Rockettes and the 2 years before that we went to ice show! Hopefully this year we will do the ice show again since it is Charlie Browns Christmas! Thats one of the many great things about Nashville, Gaylord is here and they are always having fun things to do!

We do dinner with dad usually on the 23rd and do Christmas with him. On Christmas Eve we usually hang out all day and then everyone comes to my house for dinner and I give out my gifts to everyone. Then we go to Moms to do Christmas with Granny and then we all stay at Moms to do Santa! Grannys makes breakfast and then Mom cooks a big lunch! Granny and I always drive around and look at Christmas lights! Its mainly about just being with family and that is fine with me!


krislyn. said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great traditions, I have a few of the same. Years ago I saw the Gaylord at Christmas and it was goregous.

Jealous, you live in Nashville .. ha. Just visited in October after not being there for 10 years .. Totally want to move there!!

Enjoy your day!

j.l.n. said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

found your post thru kelly. lucky! i'd love to see a Charlie Brown Christmas ice show, lol. and i love your dog Zoe, too cute.

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