Friday, November 13, 2009

The VIllage

Whoosh... I am sitting finally! Today was fun we were busy busy busy at work, I had a long lunch with my friend my boss, Sara(I marked that out because I just like to do that but she really is more than a friend than a boss)! We are starting the construction at work, we are adding on to the office. This is all about to start and I cant wait till its done because we are growing out of our space(Im not sure why I just typed out about our construction, just roll with it). Well today I had a pretty bad blonde moment, thank goodness it wasnt in the office. I go to the Brentwood post office(its the busiest one in Nashville there is ALWAYS a line) I got in line and busted out the iPhone to check the celebrity gossip and facebook my work email! While in line I drop the iPhone well thank goodness I have a case on it because the case broke, so glad it wasnt my phone that broke(lets face it I am obsessed with that phone and it makes me ill to just imagine it breaking). It becomes my turn and I walk up to the counter(still on my phone I am sure the lady was just loving that) and here is our conversation: (me) I need 400 of the blue and gold Christmas stamps (her) Are you sure (me) yes ma'am -she started to count them out and then
(her) Are you sure these are the stamps you need (me) Yes(I start looking around because for a brief second I thought it was a joke) (her) Ma'am we have a no return policy on stamps (me) Ok(I am like really lady get on with it) she starts to lean closer to me and says (her) Ma'am these stamps represent the Muslim community (me) I dont want those! Needless to say when I left everyone was laughing at me!

After work I was off to Christmas Village and it was such a blast! I met some of my friends there and it was so fun to walk around and look at everything and get craft ideas. Here is my friend Jayne, she was ready! Her Christmas hat was so super cute and it was hit with everyone there

She bought this little outfit for her daughter and it was so stinking cute!

Its been a fun day! I am off to bed I have a lot to do tomorrow and I am hanging out with my favorite 3 year old and 5 year old! I am just going ahead and tell you there will be some Christmas decorating going on this weekend!


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