Thursday, November 26, 2009

What does pardon mean anyways??

I have been in blogging mode lately, maybe I just have a lot to say or maybe I just have a lot of free time lately! This is a random post for sure!

I am restless tonight and I cant sleep, I am having some bladder issues lately which means more medicine which means I cant sleep. I am 98% finished with completely unpacking and being moved in(its about time,right)! I am having friends over on Sunday for "Finger Foods and Painting" so I figured it was time to get things done! Do you know what Friday is??? Its my favorite day of the year! You can shop for 24 hours straight without people judging you, things are majorly on sale,its acceptable to push if needed and everyone is in such a cheery mood while shopping! Living in Nashville we are lucky to have a HUGE outlet mall in the middle of town and they usually have great sales but on black Friday they have FANTASTIC sales! I have a budget, a list and coupons ready. My goal is to get ALL of my Christmas shopping done at Opry Mills on black Friday morning(they open at midnight) I will be there and I will be twittering pictures for sure!

So.... I am going out on a limb here and I am going to make a couple of comments about our President. If you know me you know that I have strong feelings about politics BUT I have learned that most times its ok to bite my tongue so that I dont fight back to smile and listen when someone disagrees with my beliefs(mature,right). I will not sit here and post my feelings about our President but I will say that I saw him today in a new light. I saw him as a dad as well as our President with a sense of humor.

He pardons a turkey and he was funny and he had his girls with him and it just made me think in that moment he is just a dad joking around. It was good for me to see him in that environment and have a different perspective of him! BEFORE you email me and tell WHY I should like him or agree with him or whatever else you are going to tell me about this! DON'T I didnt cut him, I said nothing about politics, I am not writing about him to stir up trouble... I am just saying it was good to see him as a dad because I havent really seen that side of him.

I am the type of blogger that sits down, writes a post and talks about whats on my mind, spell check and moves on. Right now I have 3 post going at the same time and I am learning quickly that I dont like doing it this way, I get all confused and cant focus on the specific topic of the post. I am working on my Christmas Traditions post for Kelly's Show Us Your Life and a favorite things post and are you ready for this my resolution post because I worked on last years till about Janurary 15th because I love them and so motivated to accomplish them. This years are a little different so I already started working on them-I know the suspense will kill you waiting for them but you will just have to wait( hint:read that last part with sarcasm).

Well I am off to bed(pray I can go to sleep)! Happy Turkey day friends!


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