Thursday, December 3, 2009


*****WARNING**** these are my opinions and my thoughts!!!! I don’t expect you to agree but I am laying it out there because I feel very strongly about this!

This morning while listening to Woody and Jim on 107.5 The River they asked this question “Does Tiger think that he is too famous to be caught?” Obviously Tiger is a coward, an ass (I have always limited bad language on this blog but I have to say it regarding to him) and a downright dog. Yes this harsh but guess what this is how I feel about anyone that cheats, man or woman. I feel when a person cheats they are a self-centered (they are doing what they want and don’t care who it hurts) coward (to scared to get a divorce). I know that I don’t know what went on in his home or his marriage but the bottom line is you do not cheat on your spouse. If you want out of marriage be a man and get out don’t be coward and try to cheat and lie. I think Tiger has an ego from here to California (I always have) but he knows he is a role model, he knows he sponsored by people who support kids and he still goes out and acts like this, is that what you want your kids using as a “hero”? I think Tiger didn’t care or he really thought he was invincible to getting caught I mean the man actually tagged himself in his voicemail to his girlfriend. I have no tolerance to this behavior and no matter what you say I will not change my views on this. I hope that Tigers wife gets him back where it will hurt him the most-I hope she continues to crush his ego and I hope she rides the alimony pony all the way to the bank! I will save my feelings about “the other women” for another post because I don’t want to use foul language twice in the same post. Any woman who will have relations with a married man and knows that he is married deserves just as much crap (I will refrain from what I want to say) as the man. The whole thing is disgusting to me…
I also read the My Charming Kids blog and I think her post about this issue is interesting as well.


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That was my most favorite post that I have ever read.

Love you cousin!

rowena___. said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

DITTO DITTO DITTO this post says everything.

rudi said it was like giving a thief the keys to the house his children sleep in.

and brava for the correct application of the word "ass". LOL

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