Friday, December 11, 2009

The Headlines or My Headlines!

I want to say that I REALLY appreciate the emails letting me know that you were praying for my doctors appointment this morning. I never like these appointments especially when I am going because there are problems. I will leave out all the details but we may have found the cause of a lot of the problems that I have been having. I had a substantial head injury following my wreck and they fill that my problems now are stemming from that .I have to do a round of medicine and then we will proceed to look into this discovery. Now we just have to hope that the medicine doesnt make me sick- I will take my first dose tonight and another in the morning so hopefully this time tomorrow I am not spending my Saturday sick in bed! I am trying very hard to be positive about this but I never have good luck with medicine in the past!!!

Now onto today's headlines, something that I LIKE to talk about....

OH Governor Sanford!!!It is about stinking time this happen! This guy is a joke and I hope in the long run he gets what he deserves! This is the Governor of South Carolina that cheated on his wife and I think that he really believed she was going to let him off the hook! Crazy cheating men...

Well Michelle Duggar had her 19th baby! Its super early and I read that its only 1lbs. I am not sure if anything was wrong with her that they had to take the baby but the report on acted like all was ok.

Talk about cheating men this BOZO is about to be in SERIOUS trouble if TLC follows through with all their threats. Boy wont his kids be just so proud of him when they get older and google their dad's name when they get older!

Well Kids these are just a few of the headlines today but I WILL NOT talk about Tiger anymore ! Also I am about to post my post about my Favorite place of 2009!


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