Sunday, December 20, 2009

More of 2009...

Hello GwenBell thank you so much for hosting the Best of 2009! I think its so fun to go back and think of all of my answers but for some reason I cant remember to blog about them!!! So here is a few of my favorites from your list of questions:

New Person in 2009- I have a few on this topic but I think I am going to have to say my boss Sara. She cracks me up and she shares my love for Louis Vuitton! I could not have been any luckier with a new boss! We have become friends so it makes my job even better.

Favorite New Shop of 2009- This store is not new but I am just now discovering it, Anthropolige! Love it!!!

Best Car Ride of 2009- I didnt have to think twice about this one! Its definitely my car ride home from Jaynes with Steph in the car and we were very LUCKY to not hit the deer in the interstate! It makes me laugh to think about, I know we could have been killed but I laugh when I get nervous so I was dying!!!I wrote a post about it so check it out here.


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