Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More of my 9s of 2009!

Well I am not done with my "9s" list- Here is a list of my favorite finds of 2009!

1. I found The World Kitchen on another blog

and I wanted to check it out because she said she got some great deals! Well I am cheap and so I checked it out...

and look what I got for $4.99!! Love it! There is no catch and I am still not sure how they can sale things for so cheap but I dont care I love it!!!

2.The Keurig!
I LOVE this thing and I know I have blogged about it before(check it out) - It is great and it has really helped with finances because it stopped by Starbucks addition! It is worth every penny if you are a coffee drinker. You can use the K cups

Or your own coffee! I love it!

3. I am not even going to give you my spill about the iPhone again

but I love this phone! It does anything and everything and I love it! I waited before I got it so that all the kinks could get worked out but I dont think they had many! I will never have any other phone!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

4. My neighbor introduced me to this website

I read through it, learned how to do it and now I am a proud users of coupons!! I love that I save money and that I getting great deals at the grocery! I wish I would have been doing this all along!!!!

5. Coconut Oil

I got this at Whole Foods Body and I love it!! You can use it as lotion and once a week I put it in my hair! It makes your skin like silk and you can literally see a difference after one use!! LOVE IT!!!!

6. I have talked about these before but I LOVE the camelbak water bottles!! I drink triple the amount of water because of these bottles. They are easy, shatter proof and dont leak no matter what!! LOVE THEM...

7. Speaking of cups I discovered the Tervis Tumbler this year! I LOVE these cups! They can be used for anything- coffee cup, cold drinks and the best part they dont sweat so they dont leave rings on your table!! They are the best cups ever!!!
You can order them from their website or buy them at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

8. I love a good candle! There are very few that I LOVE and that I continue to buy year after year but here are the 2 that I always can count on...
Trapp Winter Fir

and Bath and Body works Winter candle-

9. With my brother being in Costa Rica I have become an avid user of Skype! I love it and its free!

I could go on for days with this post but I will stop at 9! I would love to see what you found in 2009 so leave a link in comments to your favorites!!!


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