Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five... Special PlacesTo Me!

I'm  starting another new thing on my blog!! Every Friday I am going to do a list of Fives,Five whatever's-things you didn't know about me, favorite books, things I hate, favorite foods, blah blah blah...

This week I am going to do five places that I love and that are special to me...
  1. My Granny's screened in porch- I love it there because I am with my granny at one of her favorite places and I can always hear the water running in the pond that my Pap-Paw built so I know that he is there too.
  2. Fall Creek Falls... Every summer I went there to church camp and I have so many fun memories from it! This is also where I broke my arm in a few different places... Thanks Dad(just kidding)! Long story short I fell out of the back of my dads truck while he was driving down the road and I tried to catch myself  but instead I snapped my wrist and my elbow.

3.Time Square  in New York City.... I love this city but it was my favorite vacation that I took with my family way back when.

4. Daytona Beach another great family vacation with great memories, my Pap-paw loved Daytona beach!

5. 3510 Hillsboro Pike in Nashville TN! This was my apartment while I was in college and I cant even begin to tell you about my all my memories there! I can honestly say I miss those days!

Feel free to join me in Friday Five and share my link and leave your link in my comments!


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