Monday, January 11, 2010

Im Growing Up When It Comes To Money!

I just realized that I have almost written my 250th post- it doesn't seem like a lot but when I look back it looks like a lot on my blog! I think one day it will be funny to go back and see what I wrote! Today flew by it was literally one of those days where you look down and your like "Wow its lunch time", I love days like this they fly by! I got home tonight and had dinner with my favorite neighbors and now I am about to iron it up(Ugh)!!

In the past I have had the tendency to go out and buy whatever I want- weather its me spending money that's for something else or I will just put it on a credit card(STUPID)(thats another post for another day)!! Anyways I am definitely going to start saving for things I want but aren't necessities...

Lately I have been wanting to learn to use a Mac. Steph has one and I have used it a few times but I have been reading about all the things that you can do with it but I think in this day in age that you need to be able to use both. I know that if you buy a MAC from the store you can side up for classes on how to use it. BUT the thing is I wont buy it unless I pay cash for it(I know that my Pap-Paw is smiling down because I just said that)! I definitely do not need this rather than its something that I would like to have. We will see what happens because little computer comes with a BIG OLE' price tag.

So today I was reminded that Lady A would be at the Ryman and I knew that the tickets were going on sale soon so I was basically in a small jog in the office to get back to my desk so that I could call Steph to get tickets on Friday! I will be in a meeting Friday morning when the tickets go on sale so I am counting on her to pull through with the tickets! I love me some Lady A!

Well I am off to get some things done I am trying to get to bed early because I have a huge meeting in the morning(I'm a little nervous about it actually)! Wish me Luck!!


Jayne said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I want a Mac SOOOOO bad!!!! But the hubs is a PC & it's taking a long time to convince him we need one! ;) The iPhone has turned me into a total mac-addict! ;)
I love that white notebook!! You so need that! Maybe you could start saving now & by July you could buy it for yourself as a bday gift!

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