Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Checking In!

Im still here! Its been a busy week and I cant believe its almost Thursday! I am back in the grove of work and let me tell you we have hit the ground running! I can tell 2010 at PivotHealth is going to keep me on my toes!

Monday night Steph had a little get together and it was so fun! It was good to see everyone and to just hang out. Its pretty hard to get me to do anything during the week but I am glad I went! Thanks Steph for forcing making me come.

At work we are adding on so there is tons of dust, paint smells, glue all kinds of things that can give you a headache. Last night by the time I got home cleaned up a little and showered I was dead tired and my head was POUNDING!!! I just decided to go to bed, I was asleep by 9! Well around 3 this morning I woke up and my headache was so bad! I got up to take something and I was a Hot Mess! I couldnt see good, I was half asleep and I was all over the place. Well this morning I woke up with different PJS on, the bottle of Excedrin was spilled all over the floor, my purse was laying on the floor spilled everywhere and the light was on! I cant believe I did all that and done remember, its kind of scary!! Needless to say I am super tired so I will be getting in the bed soon!

Nashville is ready for the BIG SNOW storm of 2010! They are calling for an inch of snow and the whole town is falling apart! Bread and Milk are sold out, the news people are freaking out, schools are closed... We will see what happens in the morning! I will tell ya I will not be getting out in it IF it does do anything. I am not a good driver in the snow! I have a great car for it but I dont trust all the other drivers! I will be working from home for sure!

Alright Blog Friends I am off to bed(I know I am old) I just wanted to stop in and Say hi!


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