Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well 2 posts in one day...how about that! I am sitting here and I realized I have a lot to say.

I have to tell on myself! I usually eat breakfast in the car on the way to work but this morning my mother called to freak out because her laptop wouldn’t connect to wireless wish me a happy day. So I am sitting in the parking lot at work and I am finishing oatmeal (let me just add if you know me you know weird things make me gag) and for some reason it makes me gag! As soon as I gather my composure I look around to make sure no one is around but OF COURSE the man who is doing our remodel in the office is staring at me from his truck right beside my car!! MORTIFIED!! This guy is super nice but he lacks a little personality. I just get out of my car and smile and then I’m in a small jog to get inside only to see him later in the office! Oh goodness now that I look back I just laugh I can only imagine what he is thinking. LOL...

So here are my random thoguhts of the hour...

• I am pretty sure American Idol voted for Obama since they did a 4 minute recap of his speech! I think Shania needs to be on the show all the time, she is cracking me up!
• Luke Wilson has to be making a killing; he has a new ATT commercial on every night!
• I am starting to wonder if all of my shows are going to go off when the Winter Olympics come on.
• Is contemplating starting a recipe blog
• Is wondering why gas is almost back up to $3 a gallon?
• Is tired of being ripped off by Comcast so I am deciding to go to TiVo~
• Just realized I have a 4 day work week next wee
• Is loving my upgraded blogger page

 Well thats all I will bore you with tonight!!!


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