Thursday, January 7, 2010

"No Snow" Snow Day!

Well today was that day in Nashville! The weather people have been swearing all week we were going to have 3-6 inches of snow and they yesterday it went to 1-3 inches and then today we heard "I dont know what happen, it just missed us..."! We did get a little snow this afternoon but it was just enough to make the roads an icy mess! I have been playing with photoshop, can you tell...

On Monday at work I got a card in the mail and it was the sweetest card from a guy that I work with, he lives in Arizona. He sent me a sweet card and a Barnes and Noble gift card! I LOVED it! I love books, magazines anything I can read! I knew exactly what I was going to get...

I will give book Reviews on both the books, I have read the first ones and I loved them! AND they were delivered today so I will be reading the night away! I should be getting the magazine any day, YAY I love it! Thanks Don!!

Well my neighbor just brought me this

Yes that is the Pioneer Womans Chocolate Sheet Cake! And let me tell you it looks Yummy!

Wish me Luck tomorrow for my drive to work! I can honestly say I am not the best driver on ice(EEKK)!


Heather said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Just found your blog and love it!! I am a born and breed Nashville girl but now live in TX. :( I know a ton of girls that went to Lipscomb, so fun!!

rinniez said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

OMG! i didnt even know there was a nanny returns book! :O i must have it! i read the other one just before i started nannying for a year and it scared me a little (turned out my job was nothing like that haha) but i cant eait to read the next one!

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