Monday, January 25, 2010


***UPDATE*** Maybe I wasnt clear but I am not going to be a vegetarian I was just using that as an example! I am going to be like a vegetarian and follow my beliefs and not worry about offending others or worrying about others feelings!

Well I made it through today! No back pain, no kidney stones, no yelling out in pain... I feel like I might just not die after all. :)

So today I was thinking (shocking I know)! Vegetarians do not hit meat Right? They make the choice to not eat meat based on their beliefs, likings or for whatever reason (I am basing all my vegetarian information off my amazing Sister in Law). I feel like vegetarians are not going to be like "Oh well I will eat that steak so that I won’t hurt someone’s feelings" they follow their beliefs and stick with what they believe. I am going to take that motto, I am pretty flexible and easy going most of the time but I do strongly believe in certain things and I am just going to do it or be apart of it. I hate that it will probably cause drama and hurt people’s feelings but I have to do what I believe and follow my heart. Sorry I am not spilling all the details but I think some thing’s regarding family should just be left for the real world to deal with,no need to drag it into blog land.

Thanks for reading and listening to me justify my own thoughts tonight.


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Hope you start feeling better, very soon!!

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