Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Blues...

I promise I am not meaning to ignore my blog! I sit down to write a post and I go blank or I get up to do something else and I never get back to it! I think I have the Winter Blues! Nothing exciting is going, it’s grey outside and cold…Ok I am done whining! I will say I am happier person in the spring!

Do you ever catch yourself thinking “Man this week has flown by” or “What day is it”? I do that all time and I was thinking last night “What is so important in life that I can’t slow down and just enjoy life. I think I just get so wrapped in everything that I THINK is important and I forget about what really matters. I am going to really work on this and I challenge you to do the same! We only get one chance at life I really do not want to be too busy to enjoy it!

I am going to be honest… I had a whole post written out about Haiti but I decided to delete it and just say this…. My heart breaks for these sweet babies.

I can honestly say that I am Team Scott today! We really are lucky to live in a country that we can have freedom of speech and the right to VOTE (this is not going to be a political post…I promise)!

This past weekend we had a girl’s day at Jayne’s house. We all just brought snacks and just hung out and passed sweet baby A around! I was so proud of myself; I remembered my camera and let me tell you I took not one picture! This is another goal of mine- take more pictures!!! This will be a perfect weekend for that! My dear friend Stephanie is dragging me  taking me to couponing class in Chattannooga this weekend! A perfect time for pictures :)

My sleeping issues are showing their ugly head again! I hate it… I really want to get this worked out! I am tired….and that leads to foul moods and that is not good for ANYONE! If you have any sleeping tips please seen them my way!!! At this point I will try anything!!

This was kind of a weird post but I warned you I had the Winter Blues! Oh yeah go check out Jayne’s blog and see her recap of the Golden Globes!!! I love it! Oh and I do have a celebrity gossip post coming up and a my favorite things post…I know you are excited now!


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