Sunday, February 21, 2010

As Seen On TV!

 Fun Weekend!! I set off Friday morning to have some fun times with my Granny! She lives in Oak Ridge, which about 15 minutes outside of Knoxville. I got there pretty early on Friday morning and we are off to go cattin(that's what my Dad calls going exploring)! We decided to go to Gatlinburg to see what we could get into! We just drove around and looked around and stopped if we saw something fun! Our first stop, The As Seen On TV store! Talk about fun I could have bought one of everything but here is my funny story from this stop! Have you seen this on TV...
Basically you stand out it and it vibrates! Well flossy(I don't know her name) that looked like maybe she ate all 3 meals and snacks from fast food restaurant! She got on and cranked that bad boy up and she was vibrating from head to toe(I am honestly laughing thinking about it) she was laughing so loud and so were the girls with her so I didn't feel so bad laughing really loud!!

Then we just started driving! We saw this...

Talk about excited! I LOVE the Titanic and they are building an exhibt there in Pigon Forge! YAY

We then ended up at Ober Gatlingburg and my word it was so crowded! We watched people skiing and then stood there for about 30 minutes watching people ice skate! I was dying laughing at all the Dads out there you can just tell they were miserable! This was the  place to laugh because who doesnt laugh when people fall!
We had a yummy dinner and Chop House and then home to watch the Olympics!

Saturday we just ran all day but before we got started I made these! And today Granny cooked us a yummy lunch and I hit the open road to head home! I turned up the radio, put on sunglasses and opened the sun roof and drove- perfect weather!

I LOVE my Granny and so lucky to have her! Thank You Granny for a GREAT weekend, Love You!!!


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