Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm Blah...

Oh what a week it has been! Its cold and blah outside and it is starting to affect my mood! I am beyond ready for some Spring and Sun! I am not in the mood to blog so I am going to give you a couple of my famous random thoughts...
  • Dr.Phil gets on my nerves...what is he a doctor of anyways?
  • I dont like real Vanilla I like the taste of the imitation better
  • My car needs to washed and vacuumed
  • My back hurts help me if I have another kidney stone I just might not make it!!
  • I am impressed with United States Postal Service(for once)(why did I just type all that out and not just say Post Office??)- I dropped Grannys Valentines gift off yesterday paid $5 for a 2 day express and she got it today!
  • I can only imagine what my Electric Bill will be this month!
  • I need to dust and vacuum
  • I am excited to see a movie tomorrow
  • I want to eat at Jim and Nicks because we talked about it at work today.
  •  I want to go see baby Anniston because she is Precious!!!
There you have it my thoughts of the evening.

On a serious note please let me tell you what I am REALLY sick over, so much so that I have lost sleep over it! You all know that my Louis Vuitton is my pet that I love!
Tomorrow I have to take it to the Louis store and leave it so that they can fix it(I am trying not think about the thoughts of them shipping it somewhere)! It has ripped in the inside and I cant stand it any longer! I dread it... (Am I being overly dramatic over this YES but  I could have bought a small island with a boat and a pool boy for what I paid for my Louis)!!! I will update on my per Louis! Hopefully I wont cry...I am dragging Stephanie with me for moral support(you better be nice and not rush me)!


Jayne said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh and Im worried sick for you about ur beloved Louis!! I can only imagine what that will be like not having it around :( be strong!! Just know she/he will come back stronger after the "surgery"

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