Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off the Wall!

Man I feel like I have a lot to share with you today! So this will be a bullet style post with all of my randomness and I have a few favors....

  • Check it out Littlebits is having a giveaway!! Her stuff is to darn cute so you better head over there and register!
  • Intern Adam works for one of the local radio stations here in Nashville and this boy has worked his tookish off to try and get to the Grammys SO I thought I would send my readers over to vote for him. he deserves it!!! Click here and VOTE FOR ADAM TO GO TO THE GRAMMYS! Follow the link and to Facebook to VOTE but lets help ADAM get to the Grammys( I want to go)!!!!
  • As you can tell from my blog I love all things Nashville, best place to live EVER! I have discovered Her Nashville( I know I have mentioned this before but the more I go there the more I love it)! I can find information about anything on this site! You have to check it out and they have some FUN Giveaways!!
  • My word look at this sweet lovie...
This was Stephanie's Wordless Wednesday picture! I love me some Wilbur!       

  • I learned this week that I really can do anything that I put my mind to! 
How off the wall is this post but these are my favorite kinds of post because I get to share with you whats running thru this crazy brain of mine!



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